Friday, June 09, 2006

President Picker

President Picker is coming as a resource for well informed voters in the 2008 USA Presidential election.

President Picker will have links to resources that will help you choose the USA President wisely.

In June 2006 we see the election front runners as Democratic Senator Hilary Clinton and Republican Senator John McCain.

Hilary Clinton is the former first lady, married to former President Bill Clinton. Their residence is New York. Clinton is best known for her work on health care reform during the Clinton administration. Many feel her time as Senator of New York has been largely as a stepping stone to the presidency, a strategy used by Robert Kennedy.

John McCain was a pilot in Vietnam and spent many years in a POW camp during that war. He is known for outspoken stands on many issues and a maverick independence that sometimes puts him at odds with more traditional republicans and the republican fundamentalist wing, though PresidentPicker predicts that after a contentious primary McCain will receive broad Republican support in the upcoming election, largely in fear of a Hilary Clinton victory.

Some have suggested that Dick Cheney will run in 2008. President Picker thinks this is unlikely, since his current role is effectively a strong "co-president" with GW Bush. Cheney is comfortable out of the spotlight and it's unlikely he'd see the actual presidency as a big "step up" from his strong role of the past 8 years. This, combined with questionable heart health and a likely desire to spend more time with family in his remaining years makes it unlikely he'll even run, let alone win the nomination.

What about Al Gore? President Picker thinks that Gore would like to run but that his time has passed. Gore could become a strong democratic contender if Clinton's prospects dim considerably. He did, after all, win the popular vote in 2000 in an election effectively concluded by Supreme Court intervention.


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