Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama critics drowning in their own drivel

Ironically there are several reasons for real and even fake American conservatives* to criticize the new President, who's policies in one sense really are betting the whole farm on a dubious economic premise - that massive redirected Government spending can lift the nation out of depression and into a major economic recovery.

Yet the flimsy attacks on President Obama typically take a personal form, perhaps because pundits assume Americans can't understand "real" issues. We might expect this drivel from slothy fools like Rush Limbaugh who has built his media empire with the same type of character assassinations he himself deserves far more than those he attacks, but now it's coming from people like Fred Barnes who are really sharp guys:

In an obnoxious piece called "Five Signs of a Flailing Presidency" I expected Fred to point out some of the dubious fiscal assumptions behind the Obama recovery plan, but no. Barnes'
five "signs" are so inconsequential as to be *completely and utterly meaningless*, leading me to wonder if Barnes secretly admires the current policies since his criticisms of them are so timid.
These read as if they are from a Saturday Night Live skit. "President engages in hyperbole" ? News Flash Mr. Fred - that's how Presidents roll, and this one does less than most.

Fake conservatives have a problem with Obama. He's honest, straightforward, and bright. If they make the Obama battleground his personal "faults" they'll lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people faster than you can appear on the Tonight Show. That may be a good thing but it's unhealthy to have an emasculated opposition when you face the greatest economic and international challenges since WWII.

* Fake conservatives don't believe in following the key principles of the founders that should drive true American conservatism: SMALL military, NO religion in Government, PROGRESSIVE foreign policy. Fake Conservatives pretend to want small Government but have supported massive Republican spending for decades.

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