Friday, July 04, 2008

CNN Sure Likes Obama

In the midst of the powerful conservative bias of FOX News CNN generally stands out as a much more reasoned point of view, but I'd have to say their profiles of the Obamas and the McCains sure seemed to favor Obama. Although it is reasonable to suggest both Cindy and John McCain's past is more controversial in many respects than Barack or Michelle Obama's past, the profile highlights seemed to focus almost exclusively on the McCain's defects and the Obama's virtues.

One can't help but suspect that the hip CNN crowd strongly favors a presidential win by Obama, who even detractors would agree is a lot cooler than McCain. The fact that this opinion seeped so powerfully into the profiles is cause for concern, though CNN would have to do a lot more than this to even hint at the kind of bias we see daily on FOX news, which is so heavily spun to the right it's often hard to extract the real news from the spin.


Anonymous said...

The old joke during the 90's was that CNN was the Clinton News Network. Now their adoration of Obama is unquestionable. Makes it really difficult to take any of their reports seriously, because CNN will find a way to spin even the most egregious Obama flip-flop into a mere "refining of policy."

I don't agree with you on Fox, however. I think you might be getting some of their specialty shows confused with their news reporting. Just watch the fireworks created by Alan Colmes. While I don't agree with everything that Bill O'Reilly states as fact, I'm tired of Fox being slammed all the time just because they don't take their cues from the New York Times or

Anonymous said...

''The old joke during the 90's was that CNN was the Clinton News Network''.

The old joke is that Fox News favours McCain.