Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain accidentally names his VP at Saddleback?

John McCain, asked by Rick Warren to cite the three wisest people he knows, quickly named General David Petraeus but then seemed stumped. He named John Lewis - a liberal congressman with whom McCain has less in common than most in politics, and then Meg Whitman, EBAY CEO who is in a key player in the McCain campaign . Given that he's been thinking every day about his VP nominee I'm wondering if he sort of panicked and let slip her name. Whitman is a superb strategic choice for VP given that she'd peel away some of Obama's support from middle aged and older women who have been very frustrated to see Hilary Clinton's failure, and Whitman would reinforce McCain's pro business "economically sophisticated" appeal to moderates.

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Anonymous said...

I hope to God not Meg for VP! She brought "ebay" success, not the ebay community! ebay and Meg got greedy and the little guy suffered. It used to be a place for the people. I remember back in the beginning of ebay, before they went to the stock market, they talked about giving those of us who made them who they are, today, the opportunity to buy into their stock. They changed their minds and left all of us out in the cold. That caused alot of resentment and left a bitter taste in our mouths. She, they bought all of the stock options, became very very very wealthy and turned it into nothing less than a huge market place for the wealthy. The small mom and pop business's were eventually forced to go elsewhere because of their greed! Now, big business is all over ebay. Their prices to sell have gone off the charts. The profit margin is near to nil for small business. Most ebayers who were loyal to ebay, have left and have been gone for years now. Check the internet for searches on meg and ebay and the disdain folks have for them. I personally will vote for McCain in a heartbeat. But my heart will stop beating if he chooses Meg. I will not vote for him. If he chooses, let's say, Romney, who I believe is a better choice, I will vote for them. Period.