Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Veepstakes at Hardball

Hardball arguably offers the most intense political analysis, and they are sizing up the VP competition as following:

McCain's top 3 in what Harball says is the increasing order of likelihood of winning:

3. Former Rep. Bob Portman
2. Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty
1. Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts.

Although Romney is a good pick for McCain, I think they missed the boat here. Another smart choice is Kay Baily Hutchinson to peel away the Hillary Supporters still reeling from the Obama defeat. As a woman she'd pull more total votes than other VPs, though I'm not clear if that support would come from the necessary states. Still, enough states will be close that the best VP strategy is a powerful *national* support getter.

For Barack Obama:

3. Senator Evan Bayh
2. Tim Kane, VA Governor
1. Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware

I think two senators are weak on a ticket, so it'll be Tim Kane in this group but I think more likely is Wesley Clark, a smart and sharp campaigner who could put to rest any military challenges to the ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Hardball? The most intense at political analysis??? HUH??? LOL

These top three are on Hardball's wishlist.

I'm happy that McCain is checking out Eric Cantor; a Congressman from VA. He's a good speaker and would be an excellent attack dog against any VP choice of Obama's. AND, he could pull in the Jewish vote from NY and FL.

Lots of Repubs would like to see Romney on the ticket though, since they didn't get a chance to vote for him in primaries in VA, so they just stayed home. Plus, Romney knows how to make the economy hum like no one else does.

McCain doesn't need Kay Bailey Hutchinson to peel the Hillary supporters from Obama. The Obama supporters treat the Hillary supporters like crap and they are either going to stay home or vote for McCain.

I wonder why Hardball didn't mention Chet Edwards? Obama was going to announce his Veep before the Olympic Games started but Pelosi stopped that. She wanted him to look at a favorite CA Congressman that she just loves. And, puppet that he is, Obama is going to look at Pelosi's choice really hard because he's gonna need Pelosi's support.

Yeah, Wesley Clark would be a good pick for Obama, too, that is General Clark and his Napoleonic complex. The three of them would make a great team.

And Tim Kaine; the first thing that comes to mind about Kaine is ICK. He was the Mayor of Richmond, VA, he LOVES to raise taxes, and he's married to the daughter of a former Governor of VA, Linwood Holton, a RHINO (Republican in Name Only).

Joe Biden, he is what O'Reilly would refer to as a blowveator..a lot of hot air and an expert at plagarism.

I'll be getting my McCain bumper stickers as soon as he picks a VP. For now I just have to be content with my NOBAMA bumper sticker.