Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain to miss his election night party

You know your campaign is in big trouble when the candidate says he may not even attend his election night party.

Some reports suggest John McCain will be bowing out of the small party scheduled in an Arizona Hotel due to "space limitations". AP Reports

Meanwhile Obama's team is preparing a huge stadium for what polls suggest will be a huge election night acceptance speech by Obama.

McCain is now outspent by over 3 to 1, losing in every poll, and appears to be on the verge of a campaign meltdown as they concede state after state to Obama. Pennsylvania may be McCain's sort of "hail mary pass" where they hope to turn the state red and shift the 21 electoral votes to McCain. Even this won't work unless McCain also picks up other states in which he currently trails such as Ohio and Indiana.

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raftman said...

The only part that worries me about all this money are all the people Obama will be beholden to because of it. Lobbyists, special interests and large campaign contributions from Wall Street undoubtedly played a role in the current crisis - driving multiple overseers and regulators to look the other way and/or not enforce what regs and rules existed. Will this President be indebted to so many that he is less effective than he would be otherwise ??