Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney Accepts Nomination and Speaks at Republican National Convention.

Mitt Romney combined an initially soft spoken address tonight with just a modest dose of "fighting words", suggesting that the 2012 Presidential Campaign strategists will have people and groups  *other than Romney* do the attacking in this campaign, while Romney will work to appeal to the positive.

Romney's address did have some "fighting words" and  we'll certainly see plenty of the negative stuff come out from Romney surrogates.   But it looks like Romney and probably to a lesser extent Ryan, will be speaking to the natural optimism of the American people.  Ryan, I predict, will be hitting Obama hard on the big differences in economic policy.

Despite Romney's spectacular record as a successful businessman and executive, his style is likely to fall flat compared to Obama's oratorical brilliance, and the election outcome is more likely to hinge on the effectiveness of each sides negative campaigning rather than the positive.

With billions yet to be spent and current polls separating Obama and Romney by only a point or two, the 2012 election is far from over, and we'll have to wait to see how the undecided few respond to the barrage of advertising that will begin very soon, blanketing the key states in the elections.

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