Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republicans Unite Around Mitt Romney

The Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida winds up soon as the party rallies around Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Republican nominees for the US Presidency.

Ironically, the Republicans seem obsessed with convincing America that Mitt Romney is a really good guy. That won't be hard since Romney is one of the most hard working, friendly, and sincere folks you'll find in the political spectrum.   From a strategic point of view it seems to me they'd do better to focus on his political abilities.    Obama's got the clear edge both in polling and in the advantages inherent with incumbency, so one would think the strategists would be looking for harder hitting, more powerful talking points.

That said, personalizing Romney may be important to his campaign as Obama's also got the clear edge as an appealing personality.

... more soon as Romney is about to speak ...

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