Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary

Update: Clinton wins 55% to 45% with 99% reporting

The networks are not calling it yet but the exit polling makes it clear Hillary Clinton will win the Pennsylvania Primary.

CNN's Exit poll data indicates the results will be as follows:

Clinton Male Vote %: .42 x .47 = 20%
Clinton Female Vote %: .58 x .55 = 32%

Clinton Total vote: 52%

Obama Male: .42 x .53 = 22%
Obama Female: .58 x .44 = 26%

Obama Total Vote 48%


Anonymous said...

You can respond if you want, I won't be back. But how is it "clear" if the exit polls are within 4 pts of each other? Ever heard of "margin of error"? You're either under-educated re. statistics or just looking for an excuse to pump up your site's numbers with that headline.

Unknown said...

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton scored a decisive victory over Senator Barack Obama on Tuesday in the Pennsylvania primary, giving her candidacy a critical boost as she struggles to raise money and persuade party leaders to let the Democratic nominating fight go on.If Clinton did not emerge from the bruising six-week campaign with a race turning landslide she still trails Obama in the popular vote and the delegate count her victory nonetheless gives her a strong rationale for continuing her candidacy in spite of those Democrats who would prefer to coalesce around Obama.

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